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"Staff from every department has complemented me on the project, especially how knowledgeable you are, and how much your ideas have helped them. Your services have provided a positive, exciting foundation for an excellent program."

"Your enthusiasm got people more excited about documents boy, you are good!

"I was extremely impressed with Ms. Gladwell's ability to relate to all the different sections within the department and staff personalities. Her knowledge of municipal government and its structure are immense and her legal research was flawless.
"Over my career, I have used consultants for three different records management programs. Gladwell is by far the best - her legal expertise and pragmatic approach to solving problems has saved us significant amounts of time and money."
"Gladwell's consultation and advice have saved us both time and money. Her non-biased opinion is very beneficial when trying to sort out all the vendor packages."

"I am so impressed with the tools that you use for planning our document imaging system. They cover all the bases and have proven a tremendous benefit as we implement our system."

"We have an extremely complex organization and Ms. Gladwell has been able to efficiently/effectively review our strengths and weaknesses and has offered professional, well thought out and well researched solutions."

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